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When it comes to transition planning, the questions surrounding the process are both endless and important to get right as they have the potential to make a huge impact on the futures of the students you serve.

As experts in transition planning, FUTURE SLTP is here to consult with you on the best practices and guidance on transition and transition guidelines and mandates. 

Our team regularly collaborates and consults with school districts to get the best possible outcomes for each student in their care. We know that every student and situation is unique, and we’re there to support you through it all. Lyndsay and our team of specialists are available to work with your school team, families, and local businesses to coordinate excellent transition services for your students.

Our goal as your trusted transition consultants is to enable your school community to facilitate successful transition planning for seamless graduation into adult life for students and their families.

Here's some ways we can help:

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  • Professional development sessions for your staff
  • Membership and coaching for in-school staff
  • Independent transition evaluations
  • Making connections between school and adult services
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  • Case review and recommendations
  • Expert consultant at IEP meetings and IEP planning sessions
  • Career and vocational planning
  • Transition and program design planning
  • Coaching and support around job development and community-based learning
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  • Developing partnerships with local businesses that lead to jobs and job training opportunities for local school districts and state agencies

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“Elizabeth genuinely cares about her students, their families, and their future goals as they transition into adulthood, and has a tremendous amount of knowledge working with individuals who struggle with social skills. She builds a connection and mutual trust with her students and for students who can struggle significantly with social skills that is not always an easy task.

Elizabeth has a great understanding of individual’s strengths and weaknesses and has an ability to build up an individual’s weakness areas using techniques that make the unknown seem less scary for the individual. She is an integral part of a team that can help an individual with disabilities be successful as they transition into adulthood and increased independence.”

Lisa Matik

School Psychologist